Mark Dion, Naturalis and a vision on the world.

In July 2015 an old, abandoned industrial complex in Leiden became the scene of an extraordinary three month art exposition. Museum De Lakenhal had invited twenty leading contemporary artists from all over the world to De Meelfabriek to materialize their vision on today’s globalized world.

One of these artists was Mark Dion.

Mark had some quite original ideas (as was to be expected) and somehow convinced the Naturalis Biodiversity Center to grant him access to their heavily shielded storage depot. From this treasure trove of fossils, rocks, minerals, stuffed animals and more (so much more) he selected a series of unusual objects, some of which are iconic in the world of natural history. His plan was to present 3D-printed copies of these objects,

combining the old and the new in a surprising arrangement and form. To present a new, surrealist cabinet of curiosities, so to speak.

“This is Mark Dion, can you help me scan a couple of priceless artifacts?”

“Actually yes, we’ve done it before.”

And so, we were asked to assist Mark by scanning these artifacts in three dimensions. In cooperation with the Naturalis Museum and its curators, we planned 3 consecutive scanning days on location at the Naturalis Museum.

The results were simply stunning. It became a fascinating reflection of actual themes and developments in the world that surrounds us. For more information, visit the links below.