We believe that in the near future, with the advancement of virtual and augmented reality, digital experiences will become fully immersive. As an organisation, to be ready for this new paradigm, you will need to prepare your content for this new way of experience and it all starts with your content. Digital replica’s will become almost as important as your physical collection. An investment that will pay off for years to come. This will make it possible for organisations to communicate and share their collections like never before.


Moobels, founded in 2013, is a portmanteau of the dutch words “meubels” (furniture)  and “models”. We started out creating three-dimensional models for design furniture manufacturers. In the four years that we exist we have specialized ourselves in the creation of digital collections for organisations.


At moobels, everything revolves around 3D and its application to create real world value for digital collections. We are always on the lookout for interesting ideas and new ways of presentation. Do you have a collection or a challenge for which you could use our expertise? Let’s have a cup of coffee!